University of Chicago Medicine, Center for Care and Discovery Opens

After five years of preparation, the 10-story, 1.2 million-square-foot Center for Care and Discovery opened to hematology and oncology patients, marking the hospital’s biggest expansion to date. An architectural and technological tour de force, the Center for Care and Discovery (CCD) uses design to foster collaboration and interaction among doctors, researchers, clinicians and staff to continue world-class science and medicine while putting the patient at the center of care.

The building was designed to accommodate continually changing medical technology and practices; in particular, the 18-foot floor-to-floor height and large 31.5-by-31.5-foot structural square grid, allowing for extraordinary level of flexibility for re-configuring departments and upgrading equipment. The flexibility of the modular design also addresses the importance of evolving and delivery of high-tech care with advances in surgical, imaging and therapeutic technologies over time.

At the heart of the hospital is the Sky Lobby on the seventh floor-housing central reception, and other public spaces – it effectively lifts the social, contemplative, outdoor space of a traditional campus quadrangle into the air. The Sky Lobby provides visitors with a unique waiting experience and expansive views of the university, Washington Park, Lake Michigan, and the downtown Chicago skyline.